Can you store an opened bottle of wine?

Have you got a bottle of wine that turned out to have a rather poor taste? May be you have bought it yourself for testing or you have received it as a present from one of your guests? May be you have an opened bottle of wine that you actually like but you have not managed to finish it?

Then, the logical question will be whether you can store such an open bottle at home.

The general rule

The general rule tells us to withdraw from the idea of keeping wine that has already been opened. it is better to finish it right away if only there is such an opportunity.

Yet, if it happens you cannot drink your wine right away, you should remember to store it inside a fridge. It is also recommended to use special corks for wine bottles that will help you to minimise the contact with air that can spoil your wine. In addition to it, make sure the food stored inside your fridge does not have any strong smells as they can be absorbed by your alcohol beverage drastically changing its smell.

It is definitely not advised to keep a completely opened bottle of wine so that the beverage will be able to have a contact with air. In all likelihood, such a wine will start transforming into vinegar pretty soon. Yet, of course, if you would like to make some vinegar out of your wine, you can store it like that.

How long can you store your wine like that?

Generally, if you put sparkling wine inside a fridge, you should be prepared to get a beverage with almost no gas at all afterwards. That is why it is not advised to keep such wine for later. Yet, if you have to do it, you can try a trick of adding a couple of raisins into the wine. It is said they can make gas come back to your drink. Whether it is true or not, you will certainly not spoil the wine trying this method.

When it comes to white wine, it has the shortest lifespan and can be kept in the fridge for only two days. Dry red wines can be kept a bit longer. Supposedly, it is up to five days.

Actually, the more sugar or alcohol there is in your wine, the longer you can keep it open as these substances are acting as natural preservatives keeping the liquid clean of active microorganisms. Still, do not expect such wines to be kept fresh for a too long time. Usually, in the case of the most potent types of wine, the maximum time for keeping them safely will be up to one month.

What can you do if you kept your wine longer?

If for some reason the time of keeping your wine has exceeded these limits, you can think about using it as a natural cleaning product for example for getting rid of limestone in the kitchen or removing strong unpleasant smells such as the smell of fish.

Additionally, white wine is very helpful for washing glass and it can actually be a great alternative to various cleaning products.