Add the wine you do not like to cocktails

If for some reason it has happened you were not able to finish your wine and now you are an unhappy owner of a significant part of a bottle filled with some yucky drink, you might be still wondering whether there are any ways of masking the taste and finishing the beverage.

Actually, there are a variety of tricks performed by various creative people, however, the majority of them will be an absolute no to real wine devotees. Yet, no matter whether you regard yourself a wine connoisseur or merely an enthusiast, you might still be willing to make attempts to save the drink and not to throw it away.

Here are some ideas you might benefit from.

Prepare mullet wine

Mullet wine is probably one of the surest ways to use your wine and still have a pleasure of enjoying an alcoholic beverage. The secret of mullet wine is in the increased temperature that helps to get rid of a great number of unwanted compounds of wine and make its taste more balanced and softer, even though, depending on the time of heating the drink up and the temperature, some amount of alcohol might be lost as well. Yet, this is probably not thus a great problem considering the fact you are doing it because you do not like the drink in the first place.

To cook mullet wine, you do not need any special equipment or rare ingredients. Furthermore, even though this drink is traditionally made of red wine, you can made it of white wine as well. And of course, the best thing about this option is that you will be able to perfectly mask any kind of wine and turn it into a quite pleasurable drink.

A standard set of ingredients for a mullet wine are spices such as cardamom and cinnamon as well as fruits. The best choice of fruits is possibly orange, however, you can experiment with your drink as much as you want.

Make other cocktails

Even though traditionally there is one popular cocktail based on wine that is Sangria, it is generally not recommended to prepare it with the wine that you initially hated. Unfortunately, the power of Sangria might not be enough for making your wine even bearable and you might lost time and ingredients preparing this cocktail out of wine with a poor taste.

Yet, there are some pretty innovative ways of masking the taste of poor-quality wine, albeit as a real gourmet drinking expensive wine you might detest such options.

Anyway, if you are brave enough, you might try the options tested by various enthusiasts including mixing wine with various sweets. One of the most notable combinations is the mixture of Skittles and wine, however, you can try doing it with other sweet treats as well. In all likelihood, the chemical taste of these sweets helps to neutralise anything unpleasant in wine. In any case, it is up to you whether you would like to check how it might feel.