5 Great Recipes that Include Wine

You’ve got leftover wine and don’t know what to do with it? Use it to cook some delicious meals! From pasta to chicken and steak, the wine will add flavor and texture to your meals. If you’ve got some wine in your pantry, whether you’ve opened it or not, be sure to use it for at least one of these 5 delicious recipes that include wine.


Chicken Thighs Braised in Garlic and White Wine

Not much of a wine drinker? Or do you have some leftover white wine you don’t know what to do with? Cook this dish for your lunch or dinner. It’s tasty and a great way to use some of the white wine sitting on your pantry. The cooking time takes around 1 hour and serves 4 people.

Enjoy the taste of savory and tender braised chicken thighs dipped in a flavorful wine broth. Find the recipe on Real Simple.

Hanger Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce

When you think about food that pairs well with wine, what usually comes to mind is steak. And you’re not wrong if you think so.  A meal of a juicy steak and tasty wine is perfectly balanced and delicious. You can’t go wrong. So why not use wine to create a sauce for your steak?

It takes around 40 minutes to cook and finish making the meal. The recipe makes 4 servings. Find the recipe on Epicurious.

Melon, Basil, and Feta Salad with Balsamic – Red Wine Reduction

When we think of healthy, we often think it won’t be something delicious. This dish proves this false.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, add this dish to your meal plans. Take some of your wine and use it to make this delicious and healthy salad. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require much cooking. The balsamic reduction mixed with red wine adds flavor and makes this dish all the more delicious. Find the recipe on Epicurious.

Veal Escalopes with Mushrooms

Another great recipe that includes wine is this one. This recipe takes around 10 minutes. And, it serves 6 people. The veal escalopes make for a tasty dish. But add the seasoning and wine and the dish becomes even more flavorful.

Feel the different flavors explode on your tongue and taste just how savory the dish is. Find the recipe on Real Simple.

Linguine with Crab in Spicy White Wine Sauce

From steak to salad, we’ve shown you recipes that include wine and result in delicious food. This time, this recipe is for pasta. So, for all the pasta lovers out there, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this scrumptious dish. The delicious white wine sauce and crab make the dish even more unique. Find the recipe on Saveur.


Wine is a delicious drink. It’s great to serve at parties and events. It’s also great to drink wine at home while you relax with your loved ones. But what people tend to forget is wine can be more than a drink. It can be used in recipes to add more flavor and taste. Check out the recipes that include wine we’ve listed above and be sure to try some of them out. Whether you’re looking for ways to use leftover wine or you simply have extra wine at home, these recipes are delicious. Your taste buds will adore these dishes.