Wine holiday destinations: Corsica

If you would like to organise your holidays in the most effective way covering all types of entertainment with the most crucial one for the real wine enthusiasts such as wine testing, you certainly should come to Corsica. This island located between Italy and France has so much to offer to travellers of absolutely different preferences.

Celebrate wine culture in Corsica

Of course, if wine testing in on the top of your list, you should know that Corsica is specialising in the production of your favourite beverage. Actually, Corsica will provide you with an ultimate experience as it has fantastic hiking trails going through picturesque wine yards and old villages as well as delicious local cuisine and products which are perfectly tailored for local wines. In addition to it, Corsica has its own wine festivals and even a special day for celebrating their own wine production. What else do you need for your holidays?

If you are looking for the major species of Corsica, they are Vermentino for white grape, Sangiovese for red grape as well Sciacarello which is regarded to be a unique red species. Not that all of these types of grape are indigenous to Corsica.

You will have the ultimate experience of wine tasting during one the tasting trips which include not only exploration of the alcoholic beverages of Corsica but also the local cuisine of the island.

Fantastic nature and pleasant climate

Well, you certainly will be happy to reach out for other things Corsica can offer you. One of the reasons making Corsica a perfect holiday destination is certainly its picturesque nature with magnificent rock foundations and wonderful beaches. While sunbathing is itself one of the activities many tourists are looking for in Corsica, this island is also offering a lot of opportunities for discovery. For instance, the island is known for its highly rich marine life which can be explored either by yachting in the open sea or by vising conservation sites inhabited by whales and dolphins.

Rich cultural life

With its pleasant climate and cultural life, Corsica will be a great place for your visit regardless of the time of the year. Even if you fail to enjoy the swimming and sunbathing season, you will still have amazing opportunities for exploring the turbulent history of Corsica and attend its great festivals.

The variety of cultural events held here is really impressive with something anyone can choose from regardless of the preferences. Whether you love art, electronic music, food or wine, there are special celebrations and festivals suiting every taste.

Needless to say, the culture of the region itself is worth your attention. While Corsica has a blend of cultures coming from the reigns of no less than four different nations including Italy, France, Germany and the UK, it is also the birthplace of legendary Napoleon Bonaparte which makes it itself one of the top destinations for history enthusiasts.