Curious facts about wine production

If you are a real wine enthusiast absolutely enjoying the experience of sipping delicious wine, you might be aware of some of the curious facts regarding its production, however, it also might be you do not know thus much about it. In such a case, you certainly should check this article for more information. Read this article and learn more about the amazing world of wine!

Wine production and grapes

This is certainly obvious even to the people who are not any real devotees of wine culture. Yet, are you aware of the fact grapes are actually the absolute leader when it comes to the plant with the greatest level of planting? This might be really amusing to find out such a fact as many people may assume the most planted plant should be some kind of a crop used for feeding both people and animals or it should be some special plant which can be used in other industries, hence, the scale of its production should be really large. As you can see, it is not the case and the leader of the production of the plant farming is grapes.

By the way, you might be wondering about the amount of grapes used for wine production. Let’s look at a tone of grapes. This amount of fruit is sufficient for producing up to  720 bottles of your favourite drink.

Of course, you certainly know the variety of wine is absolutely gigantic which gives a very diverse group of wine products. This is really great since due to such a variety, many countries can grow their own grapes even if the climate of some of them might not seem thus auspicious to wine production. If you are interested in the exact number of grape species one can found all over the world, it is simply colossal with over ten thousand of species.

Certainly, you should know that the grapes one can come across in the supermarkets and grocery stores is not the same fruits which are used for wine production. These are specific dessert species of grapes which are particularly sweet and are usually deprived of any particular flavour. Still, having the grapes used for wine production instead of dessert grapes is a great idea as these fruits have a way richer taste, albeit you might not like the idea of having seeds or about a pretty small size of their fruits.

The scale of wine production

Needless to say, wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage you can find on the market. You can easily imagine the level of the production of this beverage is really large. Of course, some of the countries of the world are absolute leaders of wine production and this beverage is actually associated with the major product of their import.


Do you know the word Nebuchadnezzar? This is the greatest possible bottle of wine available on the market at the moment. You might have across some untypical large bottles of wine which can hold around two litres of the beverage, however Nebuchadnezzar is a way greater. Its storage capacity is fifteen litres which is around twenty regular bottles of wine.

China as a wine manufacturer

It is not a secret to anyone that such countries as Italy, France and Spain are particularly known for their wine production. Those people who are actually interested in wine culture, are also aware of the fact these countries are the leaders of wine production. The fourth position on the current ranking of wine manufacturing is the USA and California specifically whereas the fifth position belongs to China. This might be a curious fact to the people living outside Asia as they might even have never come across Chinese wine.

There is one more curious fact regarding the wine production in China. In fact, this country is the world leader of the sales of red wine. You might be wondering whether it is the taste of red wine so relished by the citizens of China, yet, in fact the reason for such a popularity of such beverages here is the colour of the red wine itself. In China, red colour is the symbol of luck and it is loved not only by people but also by the government which is encouraging the import and production of red wine.