Wine 101: Red Wine Vs. White Wine

Red wine or white? That’s a question often asked whenever someone offers you a drink. It’s usually about preference. But you must have wondered what the difference between the two is. Whether you’re curious about the difference or you want to know which one is better, this guide is for you.

Learn more about wine and the age-old debate about red wine vs. white wine through this guide. We’ll explain each difference in detail and answer the question: which wine is better?


Red wine is healthier.

A fact not a lot of people know is that red wine is healthier. Both wines are equally delicious but red wine is proven to be healthier. This is because the skin of the grape included in the fermentation of red wine includes several antioxidants.

The skin remains on the grapes used in red wine during the fermentation process. This can help improve both the health of your heart and the HDL cholesterol levels or the good and beneficial fat in your body as well as decrease LDL cholesterol levels or the unhealthy fat in your body. A licensed dietitian states that when taken in moderation, red wine can decrease the risk of certain cancers, gallstones, and improve your cognitive function.

The type of grape used to make the wine is different.

We’ve mentioned above that it matters whether or not the grape has its skin on during fermentation. It also matters what kind of grape is used. White wines are made with white grapes while red wines are made with red or black grapes.

Red wines are made with grapes that hold a lot of healthy plant compounds. White wine is made of grapes with healthy plant compounds but in a lesser amount. The reason why red wine is red is because the grapes used are fermented with the skin on.


The answer to this question depends entirely on the drinker. Some prefer red wine while some prefer white wine. In terms of health, red wine is better than white because of its health benefits. But drinking both should be fine when you drink in moderation.

Red wine and white wine are equally delicious. They both offer an explosion of flavor once it hits your tongue. And a delicious way to savor and enjoy your meal. Try out both wines first so you can figure out which you like more.


Wine is absolutely delicious. There’s no denying that. And whether you prefer drinking red or white wine, you can agree that each offers an undeniably special drinking experience. To enjoy both to the fullest, don’t think about which one is better. Just think about the taste and savor it.

From Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon, red and white wine are some of the world’s most popular drinks. And once you get a taste of them, you will surely understand why. Don’t miss out and get a drink for yourself!