A Beginner’s Guide to French Wine

The vast world of French wine can be incredibly daunting. And if you want a breakdown of it, we’ve got you. Here, we’ll talk about the history of French wine as well as some of the most popular regions known for their French wine. We’ll also answer some questions like which French wine is the best.

If you want to know everything about French wine, this is the guide for you. Get ready to explore this vast world and make it a little less daunting.


French winemaking dates all the way back to the 6th century BC. This was when Greek settlers had colonized Southern Gaul. Then, in the 300s, Romans started planting vines in major wine regions.

People saw the great potential of such a genius drink. Everyone started buying and buying leading this industry to be so successful. Until the 19th century happened. And a disease spread throughout the world. Every vineyard had to be destroyed. Fast forward years later and the French wine industry persevered.

Now, tons of people spend thousands of dollars to pay for a bottle of vintage French wine. And its taste makes it all worth it.



Located in the European Atlantic Coast in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is the most popular French wine region known for making some of the best wines the world has ever seen.

Wineries in Bordeaux have discovered winemaking secrets and mastered techniques like how to age wine properly and how to grow grapes. Not only is this a great tourist attraction but, it offers some legendary wine. And once you taste the wine, you’ll find that almost nothing compares.


Burgundy is home to many regions responsible for creating delicious wines. These regions are Chablis, Cote Chalonnaise, and the Beaujolais to name a few. This region is famous for Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.

If you’re looking for great wineries to visit or vacation spots, Burgundy is a location you’ll want to look into. Enjoy both the great view and the great French wine.


There isn’t just one French wine we can name “the best”. It depends on the person and what they like. It’s all about preference when it comes to wine. But, if you’re looking for suggestions, we definitely recommend Dom Perignon and Bollinger RD.

Dom Perignon sounds so fancy. And that’s because this wine is. This is vintage champagne comprised of 60% Chardonnay grapes and 40% Pinot Noir. With each sip, you can taste smooth texture and an array of flavors.

Bollinger RD, on the other hand, is a sparkling wine with complex flavors. Made in Champagne, this sparkling wine is one of the best and you’d be hard-pressed not to try it.


Red wine, French wine, white wine. All these can be so confusing! But let’s start trying to understand one first. French wine is a great drink. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out. We hope you’ve learned a lot about French wine and its origins.

If you can, get yourself a bottle of delicious wine, pop it open, and enjoy. It’s time to rest, relax, and focus on yourself all while holding a delicious glass of wine.