Do you know these surprising facts about wine?

You might know everything about the production of wine and you might also be particularly well-informed about the history of this popular alcoholic beverage, however, there is still a lot to discover about wine. This short article is a collection of some of the facts you might still not be aware of. Read them and explore the world of your favourite beverage even more!


Even if you are not particularly interested in learning about various mental disorders, you certainly know some people develop phobias or a severe fear of something which can even lead to a panic attack. Some of the phobias are pretty common and you yourself might have one of them. There is no doubt you have heard about claustrophobia which is the fear of closed space or just a too small space as well as the fear of height. Still, only the people who are really curious about this subject know that the list of officially recognised phobias is quite long and it includes a pretty long list of rather unusual phobias.

What is particularly interesting for us is that such a list also has a fear of wine. The official name of this fear is oenophobia and what we know for sure you do not have it since you are reading this article.

In fact, it might difficult to imagine how one can be afraid of such an amazing beverage, however, everything is possible.

Wine and women

You might have come across such a weird belief which is especially common among men of women being more susceptible to becoming alcoholics and their alcoholism is more difficult to be treated than the same condition in men. It might sound rather unfair and stereotypical, however, there is a bit of truth in this information.

Actually, women can get drunk more easily than men after having the same amount of wine or any other alcoholic beverage. The reason for it is the fact breaking the chemical bounds of alcohol requires special enzymes and for some mysterious reason, the amount of these enzymes in women’s bodies is smaller than it is in the bodies of men. The exact location of such chemical substances required for proper digestion of alcohol is the lining of a stomach.

Spitting the wine after tasting

If you have never been at real wine tasting events, it might come as a surprise to you that it is regarded as absolutely normal to have taste a wine and spit it out instead of swallowing it. Many people do it exclusively for the purpose of having a taste of wine and not necessarily have the whole potency of its spirits. Of course, it might also happen one just does not like the taste of the wine and does not want to actually swallow it. Furthermore, such a custom allows people to taste different wines and not get drunk during such events.

The chemistry of wine

You can easily imagine the chemistry of wine is a very curious subject as all of its chemical compounds are responsible for the amazing taste and fragrance as well as the buzz you can get while relishing wine. Actually, the number of compounds which can be found in wine is greater than the variety of chemical substances present in the blood serum.

By the way, you have definitely heard about the positive health effects of wine which are the result of a great amount of antioxidants present in this beverage. Undoubtedly, this sounds very promising, however, many people are not sure about the logic behind using wine as a source of antioxidants instead of anything else which does not include alcohol.

Indeed, wine as a pro-health product will not work in many people, yet it does not change the fact this beverage has a huge amount of antioxidants and it will be rather difficult to reach such a level with other products. For instance, if you take one of the most popular sources of antioxidants available to people such as oranges, you will see the amount of antioxidants present in a glass of wine is the same as in seven glasses of orange juice. Furthermore, if you prefer other juices, you will have to consume even more of it to get the same effect as the one given by wine. For instance, such an amount of antioxidants can be covered by as much as twenty glasses of the juice made with apples.

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