The facts you should know on your wine-tasting journey

If you have just become interested in the wine culture and have developed a taste for this popular drink, you might still not be aware of many crucial facts about this beverage and the traditions of drinking it even though in the wine-drinking community they are extremely popular. This article will be your short guide to the world of wine and it will provide you with some essential terms and customs of wine drinking.

Wine fragrances

Needless to say, wine has its own fragrance and this is what many people are crazy about. The diverse aromas of these drinks are making the variety of wine products extremely wide and curious for exploration.

As a beginner, you should understand the difference between two popular terms used in the wine industry for describing wine fragrances. These are an aroma and a mellow. Actually, both words used for wine fragrances, however, they are not the same. The first one is preserved for the fragrances exclusively of young wines. The fragrances of old wines are referred to as a mellow.

Now, you should know what a common “swirl” term means when it comes to wine production. To swirl wine means to let it move inside a special wine glass which is done in order to let the aromas of the wine to be released better. Actually, it is crucial to pour no more than one third of a glass of wine if you want to feel its fragrance completely. Pouring more wine in your glass than that will not leave enough space for a mellow or an aroma to stay and you will reduce the potential pleasure of having a drink.

Furthermore, in order to get the most of the fragrance of your wine, you are supposed to hold a glass with the beverage by its stem rather than by the glass itself. This will prevent the wine from getting warm which can make the aroma leave the drink more easily.

The custom of spitting the wine out

Certainly, there are many rules and requirements when it comes to special events held for wine tasting. One of the things you should know if you are going to attend such an event is the fact it is allowed to have a sip of a beverage and after holding it in the mount for a couple of seconds, just spit the drink out instead of swallowing it. This is what you can come across at such events and you can also do it yourself. In such a way you will be able to taste a great variety of wine without actually feeling the buzz of the alcohol and also avoid drinking the wine which you do not like.

The most prominent wine in the world

Undeniably, the issue of loving a particular type of wine is very subjective. Since the choice of wine is really large, you might come across absolutely different preferences in different people. Still, some of the types of wine are regarded as the most prominent and you definitely should know what they are.

An interesting fact is that despite the leadership of the wine production in the world of such countries as Italy, France, Spain, the USA as well as China, one of the best wines of the world is produced in Australia. This outstanding type of wine is called Yellowtail.

Two other most significant types of wine are produced in Italy. They are the Chile Concha y Toro and Cavit.

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