Interesting ways to use wine

Wine is not only a delicious drink but it is always a very useful substances which can be handy in less obvious ways.

Wine facial mask

There are many everyday products which can be efficiently used for treating your skin, hair or nails. Some of them are pretty unexpected, for example wine.

In fact, fermented grape juice which is certainly a basis of wine, has a lot of nutrients and other substances which can be very helpful for improving the condition of skin. Of course, a great feature of such a mask is the fact you can use it directly on your skin without any special preparations which makes it a perfect home-made treatment for skin.

Red wine is particularly recommended for skin as it will nourish your skin and proliferates the production of collagen. At the same time, red wine is even capable of protecting skin from sun rays which is a very rare feature for natural products. One of the most potent substances for skin care which can be found in red wine is resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant widely used in cosmetology and dermatology.

In order to use such a mask, it is enough to simply spread a small amount of red wine on your face and leave it like this for ten minutes. Rinse the mask with water. As you can see, there is no mixing and complex preparation as well as complications with getting rid of the substance from your face. The first one can notice after using such a mask is how wine can soften it.

Natural fertiliser

The nutrients present in wine are good not only for your skin, but they can be also very useful for plants. In case you are looking for a natural way to help the growth of your plants, all you need to do is to add a bit of red wine into the compost. One of the greatest features of this product is its ability to activate useful bacteria for healthy growth of plants.

A trap for drosophilidae

Drosophilidae are not dangerous for people but they are certainly very annoying. Feeding on vegetables and fruits stored in your house, they tend to multiply with at a huge rate. At the same time, their small size makes it absolutely impossible to catch them at the stage, when their population can be controlled.

If you are trying to get rid of these insects, you can try a wine trap. There is nothing complicated in making such a trap as adding a bit of wine to a mug and placing it in the area particularly occupied by drosophilidae is enough. Wine is attracting drosophilidae and, at the same time, they are not capable to get out of the liquid so they will be drowned in the liquid.

The use of wine in cooking

Needless to say, wine a perfect drink which can go well with different types of food depending on the type of wine itself. Yet, you can also cook delicious food using wine as well.

Marinating meat is one of the most popular usages of wine in the kitchen. Wine improves the texture of meat, helps to get rid of pathogenic organisms, creates a delicious taste and also minimises the potentially cancerous substances present in meat. Wine is also a great addition to various sauces.

Another amazing way to utilise wine especially when it has already been opened for a couple of days and you are not sure about drinking it is to let it change into wine vinegar. In order to do it, you actually do not need to do anything special. Just leave your wine in the fridge in a an open bottle for several days.

Probably the most unique food you can cook with wine is a gelatine dessert which consists of red dry wine, gelatine, water and sugar. Additional components you can use for its preparation are vanilla as well as berries.