Popular and important questions about wine

Have you just started your exploration of the rich and exciting world of wine? Then, you certainly need to know answers to these common questions about wine. Read this article and learn more about wine!

Why some completely dry wines are still sweet?

There is an interesting phenomenon in the wine manufacturing. You have certainly heard about completely dry wine which is featured with no residual sugar. Even though it is dry, it can still taste sweet.

There are several factors which can make such wine taste sweet. Certainly, a lot depends on the variety of grape, however, it is not the one factor influencing the taste of wine. Actually, the region where the wine grows also matters. Just try to compare Argentinian Malbec to French one and you will see the first one is not thus sweet as the second one is. Actually, the impact of the region on the taste of wine is enormous.

Finally, the level of aging of the oak also has its impact on the taste of wine.

When wine should be drunk?

If you are just a novice who does not have a great experience in wine drinking, you might not be aware about the time when wine is supposed to be drunk. Actually, many people believe wine is supposed to be consumed in years after its production believing this is imp[roving its taste. In the reality, the majority of types of wine available on the market are supposed to be drunk in the year of their release on the market. In fact, 90% of all wine produced goes under this category. Still, there are some types of wine which can become better with age.

Why does it happen that two bottles of the same wine have products with different taste?

It might have happened to you. You found wine you loved very much and stored several bottles of it at home. When you were done with the stash and purchased more, you found out it did not have the same taste which was certainly disappointing for you.

Nothing happened either to your memory or your organoleptic abilities and it is also not the fault of the manufacturer. You just happened to purchase so-called Vintage Variation wine which is rather popular in the case of the wine produced in the regions with a cooler climate. This means if you love Pinot Noir, you should be aware of such a possibility.

What is the real value of wine at restaurants and bars?

If you would like to have wine at a restaurant or bar, you should be aware of the fact in the majority of places you will pay the price of an entire bottle for a single glass. For instance, ordering a glass of wine which costs 9 USD means the price of its bottle in all likelihood is around 12 USD as there is also 30% of markup is added. The value of 30% is typical one.

Still, you can come across absolutely different prices for the same product depending on the place where you would like to have it. It is not rare to find the same product offered by some restaurants four times expensive than by others.

For that reason it is always more sensible to purchase a whole bottle even if you are not sure about the taste of the wine. You can also ask for a sip of wine to get a taste of it before purchasing an entire bottle. Anyway, one bottle will be enough for four or five glasses depending on their size.