What Makes Wine So Great?

There’s no denying that wine is a very popular drink and a lot of people seem to love it. But for those who haven’t tasted or tried out wine yet, understanding why a lot of people seem to like it can be tough. Especially when you hear about the effects of a hangover.

The thing is, wine isn’t all about the effects. And even those who don’t know how to criticize a wine’s taste can enjoy it. Want to learn more about what makes wine so great and why it’s so popular? We’ve listed down our top 3 reasons for you.


It’s a social drink.

How many times have you attended a social gathering? And how many times have you been offered a drink? Wine is a drink often served during social gatherings and parties and events.

Because of how often we serve wine in dinner parties, gatherings, and events, wine has been sort of a social drink. It’s fun to make friends over dinner with a glass of wine!

Drinking wine can benefit your health.

Contrary to popular belief, wine can benefit your health instead of harm it when taken in moderation. Drinking wine can help you live a longer life, prevent certain diseases, and even protect your heart! I mean, our real heart. Here’s how.

First off, drinking wine can help you live a longer life. Studies have shown that a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol can be found in red wines. This antioxidant battles thing that can damage our cells and organs. Resveratrol also increases the activity of sirtuins which is a protein. Sirtuins are responsible for regulating cellular health and protecting the body against aging.

Now, how does wine prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s? Drinking wine can help you prevent Alzheimer’s or the disease that causes you to lose your memories by keeping blood vessels open. The resveratrol found in wine is responsible for this. When your blood vessels are open, oxygen and glucose can travel to your brain to keep it working well.

Lastly, wine can help keep your heart – your actual heart – healthy. Cardiovascular diseases aren’t unheard of. Right now, these diseases are the number 1 leading cause of death. Wine can help prevent that. Antioxidants found in wine called polyphenols protect the linings of your heart’s blood vessels.

So long as you drink wine in moderation, you can enjoy both its taste, after effects, and its health benefits.

Wine helps you relax.

The best thing about wine is it helps you relax. Because let’s face it. Work is piling up. From school to our careers, you’ve probably got mountains of things that can stress you out. When you’re out with friends, you’re way too distracted by your worries to enjoy your time. Enter the masterpiece we call wine.

Wine can help you loosen up and relax. Wine causes your senses to slow down and your thoughts to stop racing because it depresses the central nervous system. So, if you’ve been worried about something the whole day and you can’t get your mind off of it, get yourself a glass of good wine.


There are tons of great things about wine. From helping you stay healthy to helping you loosen up, wine can be great for you when you take it in moderation. So if you have any reservations about drinking wine, we hope this helps ease your conscience. Just be sure to drink wine in moderation and you’ll be just fine.