Wine Glasses: Sturdy, Long-Lasting, Affordable (AKA the Golden Trio)

Let’s say you’re having a dinner party. You’ve prepared delicious food and some quality wine. But have you prepared wine glasses that suit the wine you’re going to serve? A lot of people overlook wine glasses and how they can enhance the drinking experience.

If you do not think a wine glass matters, once you read this guide, we’re sure you’ll change your mind. Not only does the right wine glass add to the experience. It helps with the scent and aroma of the wine as well. Learn more about wine glasses below!


The right wine glass can help you enjoy the wine’s aroma better and provide an easier way to drink the wine and feel its silky texture. The right wine glass should release and collect aromas well as well as have thin lips.

When you swirl the glass, the wine shouldn’t spill. Instead, the glass should help enhance the wine’s aroma making it easier for us to smell.


If you have a wine glass at home, grab it. Take a look at the glass. A wine glass should have 4 basic parts. These parts include the base, the stem, the bowl, and the rim.

The base is what helps the glass stand. It makes sure the glass is stable. The stem is what you hold on to when you drink wine. This will help you drink the wine without raising its temperature and potentially ruin the flavor. The bowl is what’s above the stem. It’s where the wine will go. Once the liquid is in the bowl of the glass, you can start swirling it. If you have the right wine glass, the liquid inside should not be splashing or spilling. And finally, the rim. This is where you will sip your wine. Find a glass with a smooth rim so the wine can flow smoothly from your glass to your mouth and enhance your experience.


Pinot Noir Glass

The Pinot Noir glass is best for pinot noirs and other light red wines. It’s got the 4 basic parts of a wine glass and the bowl is wide allowing the wine’s flavor to be improved and the aroma made even better.

Bordeaux Glass

Used best with red wines with high tannins like different Bordeaux blends, this is a great glass to use. The glass is very tall but not as broad as the Pinot Noir glass. The height of the glass helps make sure that the oxygen hits the wine and enhances the taste and aroma.

Sauvignon Blanc Glass

The first two worked well with red wines. Now, it is time for the white wines. Do you have a Sauvignon Blanc lying around? If you do, serve it with the Sauvignon Blanc glass that includes a tall glass and slender and narrower bowls making sure the aromas like fruit intensify.

Chardonnay Wine Glass

For the last wine, you have the Chardonnay. The Chardonnay and full-bodied wines like the Viognier are best served with this type of wine glass. The bowl of this wine glass is great for balance and aerating the wine. Breathe deeply. Concentrate on the aromas. Doesn’t it just smell good?


Lots of people overlooking wine glasses thinking it’s mere decoration and isn’t very important. You’re not really unlocking wine’s true potential if you think that.

Finding the right wine glass for you shouldn’t be that difficult. All you have to do is know what you’re looking for. And reading this article has been a step in the right direction. We hope you’ve learned useful information on wine glasses and picking out the right one.

To enhance the drinking experience, read this guide and travel to your nearest store to find the right glass perfect for your type of wine.