Wine 101: How Wine is Made and 3 Wineries That Make the Most Popular Wines

If you’re curious about wine and how it’s made, we’ll discuss that here. Wine is, as we know, popular. People who drink wine take up a large number of the world’s population. Who could, after all, resist such a refined, elegant, and delicious drink?

Learn more about the process of winemaking as well as some of the top vineyards or wineries to visit around the world using this comprehensive guide.



The first part of the winemaking process is harvesting. It’s common knowledge that wine is made from grapes. And the first thing you do to make wine is to harvest some grapes. Grapes are the only fruits that produce a reliable amount of sugar that would preserve the wine. Grapes also have the right amount of acids, tannins, and more.

Crushing and Pressing

Right after you harvest or pick the grapes from your vineyard, it’s time to crush and press them. Before, we used to crush and press grapes by stomping the grapes. But, technology developed the world and now, we have mechanical crushers that do the job. We might have lost a tradition but using a mechanical crusher is far more sanitary than stopping the grapes using your feet.


Fermentation is probably the most important step in the winemaking process. And it differs depending on the wine and the winemaker Juice will usually ferment on its own because of wild yeasts in the air. And natural fermentation is great. But most winemakers prefer their process of fermentation to make sure the flavors of the wine and the aromas and texture are great and high-quality.


Right after fermentation comes this process. The clarification process filters the wine. Through either racking or siphoning wine from one tank or barrel to another, pomace, solids found in the bottom of the fermenting tank, should go away. Clarifying the wine or the fining process should also happen here.

Aging and Bottling

When it comes to wine, aging is a frequent term you might have heard of several times. Aging helps the wine reach its peak and helps the wine’s taste develop to ensure its quality. And to serve the wine, they’ll have to bottle the liquid and ship it to different buyers.


Zuccardi Valle de Uco

This vineyard is found in Uco Valley in Argentina. And they’ve been named the world’s best vineyard for two years in a row. They not only offer beautiful views but, they offer quality diverse wine that rolls right off your tongue.

Bodega Garzon

In Maldonado, Uruguay, you can find this vineyard headed by a winemaker named Alberto Antonini. The wine they’ve made is world-renowned because of its quality. And the vineyard is among some of the world’s best vineyards because of the exquisite way they make their wine as well as the beauty of the vineyard itself.

Domane Wachau

Last but not least is the Domane Wachau. Located in Austria, this destination is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For all the wine enthusiasts out there, this historic winery is one you should plan to visit. Get a taste of some of the best wines the world has to offer in one of the prettiest places.


We hope you’ve learned a lot about the winemaking process and added at least one of the 3 wineries we’ve listed to places you should visit on your vacation. Wine is a genius drink and while reading this article is a great first step towards understanding wine and winemaking, visiting a vineyard is the best way to fully understand the process.